Petraeus/Skepticon Link Roundup

This is a thing bloggers do, right?

Chris Rodda talks about David Petraeus’ spiritual fitness, or lack thereof.

In that vein, Glenn Greenwald does his usual phenomenal job of pointing out what the real scandal in the Petraeus story is.

Relating in my mind to Rebecca Watson’s awesome talk on bad science at Skepticon, Zinnia Jones details a homophobic study on same-sex families.

The supremely awesome Sarah Moglia talks about chronic illness and how we discuss it in society.

Stephanie Zvan responds to James Croft’s talk at Skepticon on humanist gathering sites. (I plan on writing about this very soon).

Amanda Marcotte (who I met at Skepticon and squeed over and oh my god she’s amazing) talks about how the harassment policy at the conference was a huge boon to the experience.

Crommunist talks about how all racists have herpes. At least, that’s what I read into it.

Finally, this is just awesome.


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