Links For Your Delectation

I’m traveling tomorrow and then going to be in the hospital having my brain checked out most of the day on Wednesday, so until I get back, here’s some reading!

Miriam, newly crowned #FTBully, talks about how cheating is something we should think more about.

Chana, who really should blog more, writes about how not to respond to survivors of sexual assault who choose to share their stories.

David Hoelscher writes an extremely important piece on how the atheist movement has failed to properly take into account class issues; expect more from me on this next week.

Again on the class front, Walker Bristol of Foundation Beyond Belief comments.

The new movie about Abraham Lincoln isn’t groundbreaking; it’s the same old racism, with some anti-progressivism thrown in for good measure.

The latest Israeli campaign in Gaza is over, but for Palestinians, it is hard to move on.

Sikivu Hutchinson writes fabulously, as ever, on women of color and their struggles related to religion and nonbelief.

Cassy writes a fantastic piece on street harassment.

Following some comments on that piece, the lovely Kate discusses how not to respond to such narratives.

Watch Tony Pinn’s talk on diversity from Skepticon 5!

Laurie Penny has a fantastic interview with author Terry Pratchett.

Finally, in addition to doing fantastic work helping New York recover from Sandy, Occupy has been standing with striking Wal-Mart workers.

See you all on Wednesday, when a piece I am very proud of will go up on a very big atheist blog in the daylight hours. That same piece will be up here Thursday.


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