I’m Working, But Not Going Anywhere

Hi all. Quick update on the personal front.

I just started working at a large downtown law firm on a three-month temp contract, doing database management and all that kind of fun stuff, so the vast swathe of free time I formerly had is pretty much gone now. So, I’ll probably be posting less frequently, or I may just, you know, write stuff while at work. We’ll see how snoopy HR is, but right now, the most entertaining part of this job is listening to The Clash, Doomtree, and other really anti-establishment music while all these lawyers walk around my desk. It’s the small pleasures in life, right? I mean, I already hate myself enough taking a job like this, it being the first where I don’t really have to think, or use my hands, or do anything marginally interesting, but money is a thing I need. Sigh.

In any case, it won’t last forever. I’m planning on kicking out the jams on a few posts involving a lot of critical race and resistance theory I’ve been working with for the past few months at DePaul, the first of which should be appearing tomorrow, and I also have things to write about James Croft’s talk at Skepticon and his philosophy in general, but I’m waiting for that video to go up on YouTube before I wade in.

Besides that, there’s lots and lots of ideas. I’ve got about a dozen drafts of varying completeness saved back here. I’ve got all the motivation to write, just not the time I need.


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