These Links Kill Fascists

We start off in the title’s vein with this piece, an excellent takedown of Thomas Friedman, that makes the case excellently for why liberalism’s time has passed.

[Video] Dave Zirin of The Nation breaks down the decision of the Baseball Hall of Fame to not induct any players this year, because steroids.

A surprisingly decent article from the New York Times on students who are trying to break the gender binary.

Stephanie Zvan responds to Ron Lindsay.

I’m not exactly one for celebrity gossip, but Janet Mock writes an awesome piece on Azealia Banks, gay cis male privilege, and the routine degrading of trans* women.

In his usual brilliant way, Glenn Greenwald analyzes the faulty and downright ridiculous logic of the Obama administration’s criteria for prosecuting Bradley Manning.

#overlyhonestmethods is a thing. And it’s amazing.

Finally, if you’re going to read anything here, read this: the Crunk Feminists take on violent masculinity, particularly in the cases of CeCe McDonald and Savita. Includes bonus awful first comment by that most awful of trolls, Cathy Brennan.


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